Resoures, Directory, Division links, The Baptist New Mexican, Calendar and opportunity to register for upcoming events and camps and missionary speakers
Online trainiing via a partnership between BCNM and Central Baptist Association.
Fiddler - Guitarist - Singer - Songwriter Southwestern Music for all occasions (505) 692-9669
A Flash presentation honoring the victims of September 11, 2001
Up to minute news and news summary
A government link, but there is much Albuquerque info on this site
Contemporary, Prasie and Worship and Spanish broadcast
Bibles, books, tracts and other outreach materials
Helpful information on church growth, church trends, and digital material
Bible Sprout is an evangelical website focused on providing the best information about Christianity and providing users the ability to go deeper in their faith.
Resources from the Billy Graham Association. Books, Music, DVDs
A very helpful Bible site...different Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, study helps, additional links to other good Bible sites
Books, Church Helps, Music good sales. DON'T IGNORE THIS LINK, LOTS OF GOOD STUFF!
Here is another place to find a lot of good resources and links to other great web sites. If you have not visited this site, take a journey today. You'll be glad you did=---Grover
A site filled with Christian news, inspiration, products. Christianity Today has been around for a long time.
Over 5400 songs and hymns from this organization
this site not only is a dictionary site, but has a link to a thesaurus, a translator, game and the word of the day
One of my favorite sites. There are numerous digital tracts on this site. Give it a try. This site is published by the American Tract Society, a very reliable ministry.
One of the best Bible tools available. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.
This is a new site for the First Baptist Church of Tucumcari. Please visit their site and become acquainted with this church and their ministries.
This is the newest of TBA church sites. Visit the House site and see what's happening on the Caprock. John Sparks is pastor of the church.
A response to Dr. James Dobson's concern for the American family
A Link that gives scriptures for various needs we have, such as encouragement, comfort and answers to questions about the Christian faith.
Billy Graham Web site that presents the plan of salvation and other resources. As a Christian, you find this site helpful to you in your growth and ministry.
This is the third church in our association to have a web site. Visit them and see what is happening at Immanuel.
Bibles, books, outreach materials
This site tells about internation work both overseas and here at home. It will direct you to ways you personally can be involved in missions "unto the ends of the earth."
Beautiful photography with scripture and music, I must visti site
Biblical Solutions and Christian Resources for life
C. H. Spurgeon's popular devotion book that continues to bless people every day. This is on crosswalk
All kinds of links to information about New Mexico. You probably will find what you are looking for about NM on this site. This site takes you to New Mexico tourism, filled with more info.
This will take you to the home page of the North American Mission Board where you will find resources, information, and inspiration about mission work in the United States and Canada
Christian Contemporary Music
You can pray for request on this site, our nation, other churches, our missionaries and individual needs, visit and commit yourself to prayer
A site for men. One of the most challenging ministries for men during this century. Women will enjoy it as well.
For some good news, click here:
Find community calendar, obituaries, news and other helpful information on this site
Journal of the Southern Baptist Convention
This is the address for the web host and design TBA is using. They have separate templates for churches and assocaitions. Pay them a visit
SHOR provides a ministry of spiritual help and encouragement to pastors and wives (including staff members, missionaries and their wives) that serves to rekindle the fires of their passion for God and ministry as well as their love for each other.
Check out the e-mail stores and warnies, find out if they are true or false....this could save you some embarassment before you share a story
For me, this is the best link on the page. Full of evangelism, evangelism helps, ideas, ministry outreach. VISIT IT!---Grover
Southern Gospel
Tough Questions-tough Answers
World Crafts makes a difference . . . for victims of modern-day slavery. Each year, by force, fraud, or coercion, millions of people find themselves trapped in bonded labor and sexual exploitation. WorldCrafts artisan groups are working to end these evils by providing a sustainable income to people in poverty.
A scripture movie from Canada Bible Society, good presentation
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